Monday, September 16, 2013

Last Day on the Poudre

 Watercolors for painting water

When I recently went painting with friends on the Cache La Poudre river, we all remarked on how muddy the formerly crystal-clear water had become due to recent rains.  The banks were green and full of wildflowers, however, so we went ahead with our painterly plans despite the on-again-off-again clouds that stole precious sunlight. 

Little did we realize that this place, along with much of Northern Colorado, would be underwater in a few day's time.

Bridge leading to the Gray Rock trailhead
A good spot on the water's edge

Cool in the shade

Finding the right composition

Machaeranthera tanacetifolia (tansy asters)

Thankfully, all of my friends and loved ones have been accounted for.  As I sit typing this, I can hear the constant thub-thub-thub of rescue helicopters overhead.  May they find those who remain missing...

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Nancy Hawkins said...

Glad to know, so thankful!