Monday, July 09, 2012

Out and About

Alluvial Fan Falls, Rocky Mountain National Park

Despite all the wildfires and 100+ degree heat we've been having, I've still been making an effort to get outside to paint.  Thankfully a cool front finally moved in this week, bringing much-needed rain. 

Putting finishing touches on the above scene.
The backside of the McCreerey House in Loveland, Colorado. A girl's softball team from California was having dinner there, and came over to watch. It was fun to chat and attempt to answer their many questions about the painting process. 
At Longview Farm on Hwy 287. Note the drought-parched grass in the foreground.


Sarah Melling said...

I love seeing these beautiful pieces in their "natural surroundings". As someone who almost always works indoors, I'm in awe of artists who can work outdoors. Lovely!

Laura G. Young said...

Hi Sarah -- thanks so much for stopping by; it's been forever since I've been on IF. Must amend that...

As to "natural surroundings" Just grab some pencils and get out there, even if it's just your backyard. You can do it! :D

pauline said...

Laura, these paintings are fabulous! i LOVE the water and rocks... you have a beautiful style. xox

C.P.Adorio said...

Oh my goodness! I long for your view. I love Fort Collins. My family visited once. You know, Colorado, especially the Rocky Mountains will just make an artist heart flutter! I am so glad you stopped by and I got to see your art. I really love your illustrations and paintings.