Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkeys in Rocky Mountain National Park

A charcoal drawing of a turkey hen I saw a couple of weeks ago.

Did you know that there are native wild turkeys in Rocky Mountain National Park?  Not everyone does. Just ten years ago, they were a rare sight, but their numbers have been steadily rebounding.  So next time you're up there, keep an eye out. You just might get to see a whole flock, warily looking about as they search for pine nuts. 


Nancy Hawkins said...

Really good rendering. Those turkeys would not stand still! I like the brown tone paper.

Bolder English said...

Hello Laura,

I was just in the RMNP today and saw my fist gaggle, ever, and I grew up in Estes Park.

If there's a way to send you some shots, I will. Great day!