Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Small Works Show at Reader's Cove Bookstore

Cast Iron Breakfast”
8 x 10 inches (13 x 15 inches framed)
Original oil painting on canvas board

It's hard to believe, but it's already time for AANC's Small Works Show, running 11/17/11 to 1/3/12. After hemming and hawing, I decided to enter some artwork at the last minute -- quite literally, as they were getting ready to call it an evening when I arrived out of breath, paintings in tow.  I'd been so busy with a current project that I didn't think I'd be able to get anything to the framers in time, but then decided that I could MAKE some time and framed them, myself.  

The upshot is, now there's three of my paintings available for immediate viewing/purchasing (along with impressive work by other area artists) and a portion of the proceeds will go to Reader's Cove, one of the last independent bookstores left in town. 

All three pieces have something memorable about them. "Cast Iron Breakfast" is a still life I did as a tribute to all the omlettes that have been made with our extremely heavy skillet; it was also the first oil piece I attempted after my right eye went inexplicably blurry.  Depth perception is crucial to painting from life, so I was quite concerned that I'd lost my ability to portray three-dimensional objects.  After I painted this scene, it was a relief to find that I hadn't -- it just takes a bit more work.

Yellow Boat”
5 x 7 inches (8.5 x 10.5 inches framed)
Original oil painting on canvas board

As mentioned in a previous entry, "Yellow Boat" was painted outdoors at nearby Boyd Lake. It's a tiny little thing, and looks quite dapper in its black wooden frame. I think it'd be a great gift for someone who loves the singular art of boating in Colorado, hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean.

For the Compassionate Collector”
6.5 x 7 inches (8 x 10 inches framed)
Original watercolor and India ink
painting on 140lb. cold press paper

Part of an illustration series I'm working on, this is a butterfly that one can display without the sense of guilt that might be associated with an actual pinned specimen. A life-size watercolor and ink Monarch is sandwiched neatly between glass panes for the show, but can also be matted and placed in a full box frame for permanent exhibition.

So please, if you're anywhere near south Fort Collins on Harmony, feel free to stop by for a coffee at Reader's Cove's cafe', and enjoy perusing both books and art. 

UPDATE 11/18/11: "Cast-Iron Breakfast" took Best in Show!


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Nancy Hawkins said...

I am not surprised thy Cast Iron Breakfast came in first. It has so much detail, yet not at all slick or hard edge. All three are sweet little works. Congratulations