Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Spring (Painting) Fever

Horsetooth Reservoir
Painting out-of-doors in springtime has many challenges: wild temperature swings, snow, rain, mud and wind.  We've gone from 70F/21C and sunny to below freezing with two feet of snow and back to 70s again in under two weeks! That being said, all the "weather drama" can make for some lovely scenes.  Even if three quarters of my paintings don't turn out presentable, the ones that do turn out make it all worthwhile.

Here are a few more pics from my latest efforts:

On the Cache La Poudre River.  Note how quickly the snow was melting.

Last of the snow in Lory State Park 

 No more snow, but LOTS of mud.  (Lory State Park)

Trying to pose and not have your easel blow away can be difficult!

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