Thursday, July 31, 2014

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

When I was out shopping today, there were a ton of parents and children gearing up for the upcoming school year.  Instead of September, classes now start mid-August.  It just doesn't seem right, that kids should have to try to concentrate on the three "R"s when the weather is so warm and glorious.

As for me: I've been super busy, working on a couple of illustration projects and going out plein air painting with friends as often as possible.  We've traipsed all over the Boulder area for the PAAC Plein Air Marathon, and are continuing our adventures for the Colorado Plein Air Competition that's taking place all over the entire state.

Here are a few photos.  Some I've already posted to Twitter or Facebook, but there are a few new ones, as well.  I'll try to add even more as time allows.

 Me and my painting buddy, Skeeter.

It was sunny when I started...

Traffic cones are useful to have if you're in an area near vehicles or lots of people.

Why Skeeter stays in his travel cage while I am painting.

Sunset paint-out at the Holiday Twin drive-in movie theater.

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