Monday, March 24, 2014

Painting with Parrots

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, Fruit Still Life with an Amazon Parrot

Some artists have dogs. Some have cats. I have a parrot.

The best part about having Skeeter is that I no longer am alone in the studio all day, and he gives great feedback.

The only unfortunate thing is that I can't paint oils around him, as birds have extremely delicate lungs that, when exposed to solvents or other airborne chemicals, are damaged more quickly than our own respiratory systems (hence canaries in coal mines).

Apparently parrots have a long history of being depicted in artist's studios. My guess is, buildings had better cross-ventilation back then...or else the parrots simply didn't live very long.

 Peter Jakob Horemans, Kitchen Still Life with Figure and Parrot

George Flegel, Still Life with Parrot

Jakob Bogdáni, Two Macaws, a Cockatoo, and a Jay with Fruit

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