Wednesday, November 06, 2013

News and Upcoming Shows

Eeek, where did the month go? I'm happy to report the show at Glenwood Springs went very well.  The fall weather was gorgeous, and it was inspiring to see work by so many other Colorado-based artists.  The biggest surprise? "Blue Crowned Motmot" took a first place ribbon in his division!

It's embarrassing to admit that at first I wasn't sure if the ribbon was actually mine.  There were so many other great entries...and it didn't help that, when I took it off the hook to look at it, it had been left blank. Apparently during the hubub of all the awards, someone had forgotten to put a name on the back of it.  When I went over to ask, they checked their list and were like, "Ah, dear! Of course it's your ribbon!" and they immediately filled it in.

While on the trip to pick up the Glenwood paintings, I stayed at a friend's place and participated in the last "paint-out" of the Colorado Plein Air Festival.  Since the flooding had taken out the pre-determined spot, it had been relocated to Meininger's river lodge in a forested area near Bailey.  Henry Meininger (of famed Meininger's Art Supply) was a most gracious host, and the lodge was amazing: spires, stained glass and handcrafted wood.  It was like an mysterious izba in a Russian folk tale:

Of the three pieces I entered into the competition, this is the one that got juried in.  If you want to see it in person -- not to mention a bunch of other impressive Colorado paintings -- it will be on display at the Denver Library from November 12th until the end of the year. 

In addition to this show, there is another one coming up the first week of December here in Fort Collins. This is the main reason I've not been updating the last few weeks, as I've been very busy getting ready for it.  It's just me and eleven other artists and it will be AMAZING.  Stay tuned....

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