Friday, July 09, 2010

On Location*: McCreery House

8x10 inches
Oils on canvasboard
Time:  9AM to 11:30AM

Yesterday I went with Christine to downtown Loveland to look for something new to paint. It was overcast and somewhat dreary (not the best for lighting/colors, but we were up for a challenge.) After 20 minutes or so, we found ourselves wandering up Washington Street, when lo and behold! We found our subject.

A fabulous example of Victorian architecture, the McCreery House was built in the 1890s for William H. McCreery, a prominent Loveland pastor and school superintendent. It's notable for its unusual octagonal shape and mansard (sloped) roofing, and retains many original interior details, such as a hexagonal tile floor pattered with McCreery's monogram. There's also a lush garden with roses, irises and trees with carved, whimsical expressions attached to them.

While we were painting, owner Linda Stotz came over. Needless to say, she was surprised to find a couple of artists painting her house! After we were finished, she graciously gave us an impromptu tour. After maintaining the home as a private residence for many years, it's now open to the pubic as a bed & breakfast, as well as an event center. Link to the website: I could just imagine how lovely it would be to hold a wedding reception there, with the antique (but recently tuned) parlour piano playing as people chat on the wrap-around porch leading to the garden.

We were also visited by Jenny Sparks, photo editor for the Loveland Herald-Reporter. She took some pictures of us painting, and we had an enjoyable time talking about cameras and art. I haven't seen any photos of us on the online edition, but our friends at the Lincoln Gallery said they'd try to catch a copy for us if anything made it to print. Wouldn't that be nice?

* I've decided to title my outside paintings as "on location", since this is a little more clear to those who don't know the artistic French term, "plein air".

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