Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On Location: Fossil Creek Reservoir

Watercolor sketch, 8 x 10" on block paper, looking eastward around 10:30am. 
Went out to Fossil Creek Reservoir this morning; this is a designated "regional open space" area just a couple of miles from our house, on Carpenter Rd/CR32 between Timberline Rd and the Windsor I-25 junction.  Even though it's been open to the public for a number of years, I find it incredible that there aren't more visitors.  Maybe it has something to do with the "no bicycles/dogs/horses" rule, or that it's still a little far out of town.  There are bathroom facilities and several covered picnic areas, as well as a small outdoor classroom.  Chad and I have come here several years running for the Northern Colorado birding fair that's held in the fall.  (Apparently it's a migratory waystation -- some 160+ species of birds have been reported.)

The weather was a strange combination of fog and bright sun. That said, there was a steady breeze so at least it didn't get too hot until I was finishing up the second painting. An improvement over the last time, when a hailstorm made for a hasty retreat...

Watercolor sketch, also 8 x 10, facing west.  Note the fog lifting off the mountains.
An 8 x 10 oil painting started late afternoon the 4th, but not finished due to bad weather.

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Sally said...

Oh Laura, these are wonderful. I just love them. You are so talented. I hope you are planning on entering your work in Capture the County. Oh, as long as I'm here. The annual member meeting is Saturday Aug. 28th. I so hope you will be there.