Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Wind, Rain, and Grackles

Current Artist Cam: moving the canvas sideways for a better painting angle.

It rained pretty hard last night, which was bad because it kept me up, but good because all that moisture will hopefully germinate the grass seed I put down to help repair the damage done to the back yard. Because much of it was under snowdrifts since, oh, October, the grass there had rotted and had become a tunneling wonderland for voles:

After the snow melted. Ick.

The wet weather also appears to have brought the grackles back. I spotted just one yesterday, but he proved to be a scout for the rest of the grackle party that arrived this afternoon, squawking and tap-dancing on the roof. Unlike some people who feed birds, I don't dread their coming, as I feel that they're just as interesting and beautiful as any of the other birds that visit our yard. That said, I do try to make sure that there are some safflower seeds available for the other birds, as the grackles can and WILL gobble down just about anything else.

A Greedy Grackle

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