Monday, March 29, 2010

In the Garden: Greening Up

(NOTE: The photos for this entry got eaten by Photobucket awhile back. I'm still trying to find them on my hard drive.)

Brussels Sprouts!

Today I took advantage of the warmer weather and worked in the veggie garden. We probably still have about a month and a half before our last freeze, so I restrained myself to only planting out a few Brussels sprouts ("Jade E Cross" hybrids) and ornamental kales. They're under row cover hoops in a southern exposure on a raised bed, so they hopefully will be able to tough it out if we get a couple of more snow sessions.

Strawberries coming to life

Meanwhile the strawberries are waking up from their winter nap; they're called"Fort Laramie", which belies their Wyoming origins. Very bulletproof in the cold. To round out my odds of getting berries this year, I'll also be planting out some rootstock of a newer variety called, "Eversweet", which I'm told can tolerate very hot weather.

Tulips out front

The tulip bulbs I planted last fall (Darwin hybrid, "Daydream") are really shooting up this week, and the "Paprika" roses are leafing out, as well. The Mordan's "Sunrise" roses, on the other hand, are still brown and dormant. At least, I hope they're dormant...

"Denver" Mint

Lastly, I found that the various mints that I buried under several inches of mulch, pots and all, are coming to life. If I remember correctly, there are apple mint, pineapple mint, "Walker's Low" catmint, and the above unknown mint I grew from clippings I got near the zoo, which I've decided to call, "Denver Mint".

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