Thursday, July 11, 2013

Twin Owls

Before we went on summer vacation to North Carolina last week to visit my sister-in-law, I went up to paint with the Estes Park Plein Air group at MacGregor Ranch.  A couple of years ago, the wind was quite fierce!  This time, the challenge was the high altitude sun.  I got a fairly good burn on my upper arms, even though I wasn't painting long.  Apparently I was so focused on everything else that I forgot to apply sunscreen. Ouchity-ouch-ouch.

I also forgot to take my usual painting-in-progress photo.  So here it is from the trunk of my trusty Subaru instead:

Speaking of paintings and cars, I came across this commercial that made me smile, because it pretty much sums up how I feel some days:

As they say -- It's not the painting, it's the process.

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